Match Rules

Rule change: from 8th April 2016.  Braid must not be used in any Jacks Lake matches including Supercup eand interclub matches.
For matches at Jacks Lake the General and Bait Rules must be followed.
2 keep nets required.  All carp to be kept in a carp friendly keep net, all other fish to be kept in a seperate net.
Any specimen fish, or fish showing signs of distress must be weighed in and returned immediately.
No moving pegs on Jacks lake & Outings when the match is in progress whatsoever unless the swim is deemed unfisherable by the steward.
In away matches the Fishery Rules for matches etc will take precedence and must be followed.
Any Pike caught except in "Pike matches" must be returned immediately and do not count.


Match fees

The cost for fishing a match at Jacks is £1.00 for the golden peg plus optional pool money

The cost to fish at Away matches is £10.00 plus optional pool money

The prize money is shared:

  • 1st = 50% of the Pool

  • 2nd = 30% of the Pool

  • 3rd = 20% of the Pool


Golden peg

At each of the Jacks Lake matches at the same time as the draw for Pegs the Golden and Silver Pegs are drawn.  If the person fishing the Golden or Silver Peg comes first in the match then they can claim the Golden or Silver Peg prize as applicable.

The maximum value of the Golden Peg is £300, once this is funded then the additional funds go into the Silver Peg.  If the Golden Peg is won then the balance in the Silver Peg is transferred into the Golden Peg.  


Regular inspections will be carried out by bailiffs (and members).

Any person(s) found contravening these rules face expulsion from the fishery and with possible disciplinary action taken if a HAPS member.