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2014-2015 Match results

Coach league 2014-2015

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Jacks lake league

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Angling Times Supercup

A Team

Round 1

The supercup (a) team also got drawn away this time to a club from the Cheshunt area called the Kings Arms where we had to fish the Horseshoe Lake at timberlands fishery.  When the teams turned up the opposition were a fisherman light so the (a)team had a slight advantage, as the day unfolded it was going more and more in haps favour by the time the whistle blew we knew we had this in the bag the final result was Kings Arms 12points and HAPS (a) team 20 points and so went through to the next round.

Round 2

The next round was drawn and HAPS (a)  team got drawn away again this time to a much better side Popplets of Chestnut Pool.  We knew we had to fish well on their water and it turned out to be such a close fought match 4 sections each way at the end of the weigh in so it went down on weight. Popplets had a combined weight of 437lb of fish and haps (a) team had a combined weight of 396lb losing the match by a mere 41lb and were so close to going through to the semifinal.

C Jackson (c), A Tunney, D Whitman, T Smith, T Bayford, J Eldred, D Clulow, J Burton

B  Team

Round 1

On a cold April day HAPS (b) team got drawn away to Tottenham & Edmonton on a section of canal in Hemel Hempstead.  The b team couldnt catch nor find the fish resulting in losing 7 of the 8 sections on what was a completely miserable day had by all and there for going out of the supercup at the early stages. The points were Tottenham scored 23 points and HAPS (b )team 17.

C Stanton (c), P Ruff. R Huckle, D Thomas. D Rolland, N Morris, J Blackman, A Gosland

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